... aint that dead... judging for all the wild life in it... I know, I was one. The damn greasiest water I ever seen... but honestly, I wouldn´t mind floating all the way to Jordan ( the mountains away) on the other side.


Nimur said...

Was just reading what you wrote about your trips to Israel and I started thinking about Joe Sacco and his work Palestine (perhaps because today I sent this book out to a colleague of mine...) and, it seems to me, that in a way you're doing something which is very different from Sacco's work but also similar. Different because you're not talking about politics but similar because you're still trying to capture beauty, human and otherwise.
So, I'd like to know if you agree with this and if you think that, simply by putting an illustration book out about Israel it kind of makes it political in a way.
What do you think? Do you think one can separate the images from the content that the word Israel bring to us?

Actually I'm quite interested to see what you will be writing in your comic!

Anonymous said...

hi, I like Israel,Ilike Jerusalem, and your drawing at excellent,very, very good..
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Cristina Dias said...

excelente trabalho, gosto muito.
Ana cristina Dias

Jessie Jordan said...

what materials do you use for your paintings? they almost look digital buti honestly can't tell

Pedro Mateus said...

Comprei o livro por acaso e adoro olhar para ele de vez em quando, há possibilidade de arranjar umas telas grandes de algumas imagens? Obrigado.

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