Crossing the desert....

...until we reach the read sea...and had dinner...

That was Eilat.

Desert 48

The world is ending, giant bugs are a go go outside, war, famine, pestilence and death...

No, not the end of the world, just the plot ( as I understod it) from a movie that cinema students from Saphir College were shotting in this old ( and rather shooted at, like...with bullets) building just out side Tel-Aviv.


The border around Gaza is not the most "israeli sight seeing" of places. Next to a military base ( first drawing) was a watch tower, were I went to draw and, while I was there drawing, a bus full of south american journalists ( I asked them ) came, filmed, photographed and had a picnic in the most relaxed and good humored way...

... apparently oblivious to where they were. You can see the border line below, where a truck and some kind of tank are parked. The landscape ahead is the Gaza Strip. As the silhouettes of its buildings and houses melted with the dusky sky, I could only think how ordinary the place looked.

The sunset gave the place a sad mood. Behind me ( the opposite direction to the drawing above) some touring israeli soldiers came ( not so lightly has the south american jornalists, though) check the place for a while, and went. I left the place with thoughts of curiosity about daily life of people in Gaza, sadness of why we can´t all get along, and realizing I was starving and dying for a big dinner.


Sefad, or Zefat ( it reads tzfat) was unique. With its artists quarter, and the narrow streets. I had know idea this was were the Kabbalah was writen... cool.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcre in Jerusalem

Cant say that I felt the "holiness" of the place... maybe because of all the tourists...

Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcre


So I found this bar not far from where I was staying, with cool music, cold beer and sometimes, bands playing... cool. Sometimes people would come up to check what I was drawing and there were even some guys that offered me a beer ... how nice is that?


A thing that suprised me was the humidity of Tel-Aviv... the days were horribly hot and humid and so were the nights... This is the place I slept in my friend house and this little fan, wich I keep on all night , literally save my life... so here are two drawings as my thanks to my nightly savior... thank you dear fan.

( the two drawings below are colored with crayons)

( the rest of the room below... you can see my foot in front of the tv, my Homer Simpson t-shirt and the sketchbook on my lap).


The thing about Tel-Aviv is that everywhere you go you have always great places to hang out...

...like sushi places ( dont you just love sake?)

... or open air esplanades for coffee...

... or places just to have a beer...

... or another beer....


While I was painting this drawing ( above) I somehow remove the drawing and was left with only the coulors, ( below), and it suprised me immensely to see how well they held on their own... so I put the two "versions" here.


These drawings belong to my second going to Israel.

Tropical Juices

One of the many stands in Tel-Aviv where one could buy a cold fresh fruit juice...

A nice lunch in my friend balcony, with some of her friends.

Just finished painting two more drawings ( above). They were actually donne about the same time, in the same place( Tel-Aviv) , so I put them here together.


Ben Zion Boulevard ( above). While I was drawing this there was an alarm and the police came, close the street and exploded some bag someone left behind . So the people you see are waiting to go to there business. This was actually the only time I witness someting like this , in the whole time I was there.

The same place at night ( below).