The border around Gaza is not the most "israeli sight seeing" of places. Next to a military base ( first drawing) was a watch tower, were I went to draw and, while I was there drawing, a bus full of south american journalists ( I asked them ) came, filmed, photographed and had a picnic in the most relaxed and good humored way...

... apparently oblivious to where they were. You can see the border line below, where a truck and some kind of tank are parked. The landscape ahead is the Gaza Strip. As the silhouettes of its buildings and houses melted with the dusky sky, I could only think how ordinary the place looked.

The sunset gave the place a sad mood. Behind me ( the opposite direction to the drawing above) some touring israeli soldiers came ( not so lightly has the south american jornalists, though) check the place for a while, and went. I left the place with thoughts of curiosity about daily life of people in Gaza, sadness of why we can´t all get along, and realizing I was starving and dying for a big dinner.

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